Gather - in post-production
3100: Run and Become

In a quest for enlightenment, an unassuming paperboy from Finland takes on the world’s longest footrace in an epic journey that delves into ancient running cultures around the world.

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Gather - in post-production
Gather - in post-production

Gather portrays three groups of Native Americans who are reclaiming their spiritual, political and cultural identities through reconnecting with their ancestral food systems while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide.

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Alias Ruby Blade

A story of love and revolution, Alias Ruby Blade tells of one courageous woman’s journey from undercover agent to First Lady of East Timor and the untold story of the birth of a new nation.

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Born To Fly

Propelled by Elizabeth Streb's edict that “anything too safe is not action," the STREB Extreme Action company challenges that assumptions of art, aging, injury, gender, and human possibility.

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman

A HBO documentary portrait of the acclaimed artist Mickalene Thomas’ mother,  who has served as her muse for the past decade.


In 1951, Barney Rosset acquires Grove Press and soon becomes the most controversial publisher in America.


Ager Meillier Films provided post-production for two seasons of BEGINNINGS for the Sundance Channel celebrating creative individuals and their early inspirations in New York City and Paris.